A drug addicted person who is always being drunk and his life was badly distrub.people around them ask to leave intoxicate. Some of them says” if you want, then you will leave intoxicated by your volition.”
first of all we need to know that the person who is intoxicated everytime and cannot live without being drunk, in fact, does he want to quit the drug or not?The answer was 100% yes, the person whose life is being ruined by the drug is also visible to him. He also wants to live a good life but physical and mental dependence on the drug which is a disease (World Health Organization in 1964 Addiction Was declared as disease) due to which he is unable to stop even after wishing.Those who believe “Intoxication can be left by will power”they tries to swearing on his own, sometimes on New Year’s resolution, sometimes on birthday or sometimes on Karvachauth, by assuming this strike of people can be “released from intoxicating will”.But due to abstaining from addiction, he starts having physical and mental problems due to which he has to get intoxicated again.That is why it can be avoided only by getting treatment of physical and mental problems caused by drug addiction.
Any disease, it is not cured by will power, we cannot cure even our minor illness like fever, diarrhea or cold with will power, then addiction is a life-threatening disease that cannot be cured without treatment.
De-Addiction Center has treated thousands of drug addicts of Bhopal, Sehore, Vidisha, Raisen, Sagar, Hoshangabad, Harda, Narsinghpur, Katni, Mandla, Lalitpur, Dewas, Indore, Guna, Ashoknagar, Jabalpur, Jhansi for the last 6 years.

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