1. You don’t need the willpower to stop drinking

Allen Carr’s Easyway is the complete opposite of other methods of stopping drinking. Collectively we call those other methods ‘the willpower method’. For example, the most up to date version of the ‘Drink Aware’ site is the complete reverse of Allen Carr’s Easyway. The advice is given, as well-intentioned as it is, rather than help someone quit drinking easily, is likely to cause abject misery and failure.

2. Change the way you think about drinking; you won’t be craving alcohol

The willpower method suggests that you avoid temptation – with some advise that when you stop drinking you should find restaurants that don’t serve alcohol! Wouldn’t it be easier and so much more pleasant to change the way you think about alcohol so that you can enjoy going into any restaurant, bar, club, or party without feeling left out or deprived because you’re not drinking?

3. Don’t reduce your alcohol consumption; remind yourself how happy you are to be free

The hard way to stop drinking alcohol is to frequently remind yourself of why you want to stop drinking. Wouldn’t it be so much more wonderful to keep reminding yourself of how happy you are to be free?

Mainstream advice recommends cutting down gradually. Yet they don’t recognize that cutting down is even harder than stopping. How many times have you tried to cut down in the past and failed? It ends up as torture and misery.

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