1. You’ll be healthier.

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There’s not a drug out there without some harmful effects as all drugs are basically poisons. The exact effects vary by drug. Heroin or painkillers suppress the action of the lungs and this can lead to tuberculosis, pneumonia or abscesses. Marijuana causes changes in the brain similar to the those that occur with schizophrenia, not to mention the damage to your lungs. Methamphetamine is extremely hard on the entire body, especially the nervous system and brain. The heavy use of many drugs or alcohol leads to extreme weight loss and malnutrition that can affect one’s ability to resist illness.

2. You’ll reduce your risk of death.

Many drugs can cause death the first time you use them, and others can have a damaging effect long-term. Cocaine is very stressful on the heart and arteries which can trigger an immediate cardiac arrest or heart attack. Alcohol can kill by overdose or increase the risk of accidents. Any opiate can cause a fatal overdose. Synthetics like Ecstasy can cause you to overheat which can cause organ breakdown. Stop picking up the drugs and you have a better chance at a long life.

3. You will be more likely to keep a good job.

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One of the typical signs of the slide into addiction is lost jobs. It’s very common for a person using drugs to blame others for this setback. But normally, it’s because the person stopped performing as well on the job. There were probably more sick days taken. Projects were not taken to completion. Mistakes were made. Customers were neglected and co-workers were alienated. The end result: No more job.

4. You can preserve your relationships.

If one’s spouse or family members are not drug users, it is common for the relationships to be seriously damaged, or to be ended when the other person won’t tolerate the drug use anymore. If those around you are using drugs with you, then any children may be taken away. All your lives will probably go on the same downward spiral together.

happy couple with good relationship

5. You’ll have more money.

If you have an addiction to heroin, it’s usual to pay $150-$200 per day for this habit. Painkiller addiction will cost more. Cocaine as well. Marijuana might still cost thousands per year and alcoholics might spend $300 to $500 a month. It depends on one’s tastes and location. All this money could be going into your pocket to improve your life. If you were committing illegal acts to get the money, you will now safe from being arrested.

6. You will gradually regain the ability to feel real, authentic emotions once again.

Emotions like joy over wonderful things happening, sadness when it’s appropriate. Drugs and alcohol mask one’s real emotional responses to life’s events. Sedatives and tranquilizers will cover everything with a bland sameness. Opiates and marijuana may make one feel mellow even if one’s life is crashing down around one’s ears. Meth and other stimulants will provide a completely delusional set of emotional reactions. Long-term use of drugs can result in apathy and depression, especially once you come down from them.

7. People will like you better.

Friends enjoying each others company

This is almost a sure thing. So many people become mean or aggressive when they are drunk and heavy marijuana use can trigger panic attacks or personality changes that could make you a burden on your friends. If you overdose in front of someone, they will have to tote you off to a hospital and this is not a good way to make or keep friends. Stimulants like cocaine and methamphetamine often make people aggressive and paranoid—terrible qualities for a friend or relative.

8. Using drugs is a dead end activity.

Perhaps the most important reason to quit using drugs is that it’s is a dead end activity. The end result of addiction is either death, jail or sobriety. Yes, it’s tough to face the prospect of quitting drugs. The outcome of not making this choice is far, far worse. The answer for many people is to find a rehab program that offers a program with good result statistics and that aligns with one’s own philosophy. Many programs prescribe drugs for those in recovery, either during withdrawal or throughout the program and after returning home. Some people are fine with this but many others would rather come off drugs completely. At Narconon, we have a unique program that focuses on thorough detoxification and building skills to live a drug-free life. At Narconon, you have enough time to develop these skills as there is no set time limit.

There are many more reasons, but these are probably enough. Life is better without drugs, as countless people who’ve ended their addiction and are living drug-free can attest. If you need help quitting drugs, contact us, we can help.

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